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From Dalston to Haggerston to Broadway Market we paved a route of Mediterranean delicacy and called it Cafe Route

Our first home is on a bustling vibrant street in Dalston, while our second location greets you as you wander the noticeable sidewalk close by the captivating canal in Haggerston, our third home is in the heart of the wonderful Broadway Market. Your warm welcoming home in East London. Café route is a foodie’s heaven, inspired and influenced by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food paired perfectly with fine delicatessen and quintessential bistro. Having an abundance of passion for food we only serve the finest and top quality ingredients in our menus from breakfast, lunch to dinner. We’re all about high fives and good vibes! Pop by for a memorable experience.


Inspired by the vigorously thriving Mediterranean cuisine.


Enjoy lunch the Middle Eastern way – indulgent, hearty, tasty and entirely traceable